Do “nought” miss out on the PlayStation 4 Dreadnought beta content update today

Today, Grey Box, Six Foot and YAGER have announced that it has released the new Onslaught update for the PlayStation 4 open beta of Dreadnought. The update adds a new mode in which players battle the enemy team’s capital ships as well as neutral AI-controlled vessels in all-out war.

Dreadnought puts players in the captain’s chair of massive capital ships on the front lines of competitive team-based battles across a variety of multiplayer game modes. Five distinct ship classes, specializing in tactical roles like frontline assault, long-range bombardment, strategic support and more, offer captains unique powers to exploit the enemy team’s weaknesses and claim victory. There are more than 50 playable vessels to master, each customizable with an array of weapons, modules, coatings and decals.

The Onslaught update also overhauls progression, including how players get acquainted with their new ships, starting with Proving Grounds, a new game mode that replaces the old training matches. Players join up with each other and AI-controlled ships to learn the game’s mechanics while earning credits and experience in battle against the AI. Captains can now complete challenges across different ship classes for rewards like XP and credits. And new battle bonuses increase the amount of credits and XP fleets earn after matches, replacing the old ship maintenance system to allow players to use their selected fleets as much as they’d like without cooldowns or other usage penalties.

“We’re constantly listening to our community to make Dreadnought better for longtime captains and newcomers alike on every platform,” said Six Foot producer Chris Owen. “From Onslaught to Proving Grounds and beyond, we’re incorporating that feedback and getting closer and closer to the game we want to launch on PlayStation®4.”

You can check out more of the patch update notes on Grey Box’s website. Check out a trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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