Do a little Monkeying around town today

While SEGA could have just had you roll a ball around mazes and had a fairly successful game, adding monkeys inside the ball changed the dynamic.  Since starting on the Gamecube 10 years ago, it has spawned several games, mostly on portable systems and some mobile phones.  Today another portable gets its own version, as the Vita gets Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz.

Players will join AiAi, MeeMee, GonGon and Baby on another grand adventure through time, space and texture! Over 100 levels of bumpers, jumps and humps will test your skills with the sphere; fan favorite party mode games like Monkey Target and Monkey Bowling round out an impressive collection of competitive multiplayer challenges! Taking full advantage of the unique PS VITA features like the rear touchpad, camera, accelerometer and more, Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz is the ultimate puzzle experience for Sony’s handheld device.

It sounds like a lot of the Vita’s capabilities are being used in this title.  It amazes me at the ingenuity that has come with the Vita, and hopefully this will continue throughout its cycle.

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