Dive into Hell once more, The Evil Within 2 launch trailer

The sequel to 2014’s hit survival horror game, The Evil Within, has almost arrived. This time, Sebastian Castellanos must enter the infamous STEM to find his daughter Lily, who he thought he lost in a fire many years ago. It’s a race against time as Sebastian has to find Lily in the crumbling world before they are both lost in STEM.

The Evil Within 2 will contain several “human monsters,” being the photographer Stefano who specializes in capturing that vulnerable moment of death in his victims, and the “righteous priest,” Theodore, who uses his influence to control his followers to cleanse all he finds sinful. Both Stefano and Theodore will warp the weakened system to their will, causing a more dangerous battle than the previous game produced.

It’s time to go into STEM once again, The Evil Within 2 will be released this Friday, October 13th, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. For more information, visit the official website.

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