Disney flexes its muscles with Infinity 2.0

The battle for your Christmas money just went super-powered – Disney Interactive announced their fall release of the new Disney Infinity : Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition). Leveraging their stable of intellectual property, more than 20 Marvel characters will be playable both in Play sets and an upgraded Toy Box mode in a newly designed game from Avalance Software.

For those not familiar, Play sets are the storyline-based adventure mode found in Disney Infinity. Improved combat gameplay, destructible environments and intertwined storylines across Play sets are some of the announced features we’re looking forward to seeing, along with Marvel comic writer Brian Michael Bendis’ contribution to what promises to be deeper and more immersive storylines. In the trailer above, not only do we see the Frost Giants with Loki (Thor), but we also see Modok, Rocket Raccoon with Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy), and what looks to be Green Goblin being chased by Spiderman. One of the discs has a Hydra bike, The Winter Soldier also has content though no figures have been revealed.

The Toy Box (or creative) mode offers quicker ways to create worlds, and new pyramid-shaped discs offer structured game modes that can be completed by any Disney Infinity characters within the Toy Box including all current figures. As expected, all current discs, figures and toys will be compatible with Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes and will carry over all stats and upgrades, and all characters will see the level cap raise from 15 to 20 with new skill tree attributes.

Additionally there will be new power discs including hexagonal addons that bring new weapons, vehicles and sky and terrain customizations. Circular discs offer Area of Effect attacks, costumes and team-ups. The starter pack includes the game, a Disney Infinity Base (2.0 Edition), three Marvel Super Heroes figures (Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow), two Toy Box game discs, the Avengers Play Set piece and a Web Code Card.

The starter pack ($75), Play Sets ($35), individual figures ($14) and Power Disc Packs ($5) are being released for all current and most last gen consoles, PC, and iOS. Look for it this Fall, and stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more info as we get closer to E3 and it’s launch.

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