Dishonored E3 Screenshots

I’ve got a sweet collection of 37 new screenshots for Dishonored from E3, and man do they look good.   Showing off all the locations described in our demo and hands-on preview, these screens give you a look at the beautiful ‘oil-painting in motion’ feel of the game.  Here is  a little bit of my writeup:

Dishonored takes place in the city of Dunwall – a steampunk city powered entirely by whale oil.  In one scene, we see proof of this as we see a large whale suspended in the docks, likely being ‘mined’ for power.  Artistically, the game looks like an noir oil painting in motion.  Each mission in the game is handcrafted with a specific look and feel, but the whole package is very steampunk. (Whalepunk? Is that a thing now?)  Gold sepia tones, foreboding government watchtowers, stone and steel buildings on the waterside – this title is sets a clear tone of oppression.  When you hear that Victor Antonov (Art Director for Half Life 2) and Harvey Smith (worked on Deus Ex, System Shock, Ultima VIII) are leading this project, it honestly comes as no surprise with the atmosphere of this title.

Dishonored can be tackled in a multiple of ways: surgically, stealthily, or everywhere in between.  To that end, our demonstration would be run twice – once as quietly as possible, and the other in a very loud way.   Our objective sounds simple – infiltrate a whorehouse called “The Golden Cat” and kill the Pendleton brothers, two corrupt members of Parliament.

October 25th can’t come fast enough!  Enjoy the screenshots in the mean time.

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