Diablo III Gets Characters Profiles, Quasi-Armory

For as much fun as I had with Diablo III, there was one complaint I nevertheless had: it wasn’t nearly as easy enough to brag about my loot to my friends – or better yet, complete strangers. Well, good news for me and my fellow loot-monkeys – Blizzard has just announced that character profiles have been added for Diablo 3! And just what does this mean, you may ask? Well, more on that below the cut.

According to the fine folks at Blizzard, profiles give you the power to:

  • View your heroes’ gear, stats, and skills. How high have you raised your characters’ attributes? What are they wielding in each slot? What are their most prominent gear bonuses? What skills comprise their current build? Nuance awaits you in the Heroes tab.
  • Track your game progress. How many acts have you cleared? What bosses have you shredded in each difficulty? How far have you leveled up your hardcore and normal artisans? Find out in theCareer tab. You can also check your play time (by class) throughout your entire Diablo III career, and learn how many monsters and elites you’ve slain.
  • Share with your friends. The Friends tab lets you check out your BattleTag friends’ characters, so that you can quickly compare notes on gear, skill & rune choices, and everything in between. You can also click on a BattleTag in the Diablo III forums to go directly to that player’s profile.
So, yeah, pretty much bragging about your gear, drooling over other people’s gear, and getting the opportunity to tell someone what you think of their character’s build after the fourth wipe to Diablo. Either way, it’s good to see Blizzard continuing to maintain this flagship title of theirs with new and fun features.


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