Diablo III Beta- Witch Doctor Run

When I saw the footage of the Witch Doctor summoning skeletons, I thought “Ok, that could be a fun class”.   When I saw him summon an intersection wall made of spines and jagged bone shards, I thought “Hell yes!” and had a sudden dilemma whether I wanted to play this class or the Wizard first!  From summoning poisonous frogs to toxic kamikaze zombies, the Witch Doctor is no slouch.  Sitting down to make this video I only had one name I could select though…

Bats, they are sick. I cannot hit curveball. Straightball I hit it very much. Curveball, bats are afraid. I ask Jobu to come, take fear from bats. I offer him cigar, rum. He will come.

Look for our continued coverage as we check out the Monk as well as a quick peek at the auction house very soon!

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Part Six:

Part Seven:

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