Devil’s Run update coming to Need For Speed No Limits

Devil’s Run, the most recent update for mobile game Need for Speed No Limits, is available now as a free download on iOS and Android, and with it comes new car models, race tracks, and challenge events.

During the next six weeks, players may participate in three new limited-time events to win new car models, including the 1995 Lamborghini Diablo Super Veloce and the 2006 Ford GT.

The update also offers players a chance to win a Diablo SV model by completing a challenge on Blackridge, one of the new tracks coming with Devil’s Run; compete with other racers on Blackridge any time from August 12 through 16, work your way up from 100th to 1st place, and the Diablo SV car model is yours! Events are also planned for August 23 through 28 which will gain players the Jaguar F-Type as reward.

Also featured in the update is a new progression-rewards system called “Missions” and a new “Race Skips” function, which allows players to instantly complete replay events while still receiving the 3-Card Monte sequence.

For more on Devil’s Run, check out the game’s website. You can also check out their Twitter, YouTube channel and Facebook page.


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