More developers plan to release their next game on PS4 than Xbox One and Wii U, PC remains King

The second annual State of the Industry survey, which polls over 2,600 developers to indicate trends within the game industry, has produced some interesting results this year. Within the console space, 20% of developers surveyed said they plan to release their next game on the PS4. That edges out the Xbox One, which stands at 17%, and completely overshadows the Wii U, with 4% of developers planning to release their game on the struggling console.

PCs and mobile devices are where you can expect to find the absolute highest number of game releases, with 53% of developers expecting to release their next game on a mobile device, and 52% on PC.

Unsurprisingly, there’s also a rapid growth in crowdfunded projects, up to 11% this year from 4% last year.

The full report can be found at the GDC Conference website.

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