Developers Are Chatting About Lord of the Rings Online

If our earlier collection of screenshots and behind-the-scenes developer commentary on the canonical influences for the Riders of Rohan expansion piqued your interest, this second video on how the mounted combat plays out might just seal the deal.  This really is a lot more than just giving your hero a speedy way to get around: acceleration, momentum, and timing will each have their impact on effective mounted attacks, with class-specific skills added to the mix to ensure your play style won’t be left back in town.

But don’t take it from me; listen to what the Turbine developers themselves have to say!



Riders of Rohan won’t be ready to ride until September 5th, but that hardly means Middle Earth is taking it easy.  In fact, today marks the start of the Farmer’s Faire, a first-ever in-game festival for players to enjoy!

Come celebrate the first ever Farmers Faire located near Bywater Center in the Shire! Whether you’re taking a stroll through the market, stealing mushrooms from Farmer Maggot, or helping the Bounders scold the Drunkards, the Farmers Faire promises to bring fun festivities to all! Take part in daily quests and events to earn new seasonal rewards such as farm animal masks, Farmer-themed cosmetic items and a new Farmers Faire Steed! More information about the Farmers Faire can be found in this developer diary.

Take a wander through our Farmer’s Faire screenshot gallery below:

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