Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gets augmented eye tracking with Tobii integration

Eye tracking leader Tobii and Eidos Montreal are teaming up to bring a new level of “augmentation” to their upcoming game, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Today they announced a specially priced bundle that’ll bring their eye tracking features into the game, giving players a new layer of immersion. While this is something I’d have to try out to really see how if it enhances gameplay, we did get a quick bulleted list of how it’s being integrated, as well as the video of how it all comes together (seen above):

  • Aim at Gaze – Look at the target to take aim, then press a button and fire. This feature let players take out enemies using their natural gaze and will even work when locking the tesla gun for all-out mayhem.
  • Extended View- Look to the edge of the screen and the game’s camera will pan – giving players a wider field of view with just a glance. The natural eye movement will allow further immersion into the game’s environment and let players control what they want to see – just as in real life.
  • Icarus Dash at gaze – Simply look in the direction you want Adam to move in – even vertically. This will allow players you use the controls in a more fluid manner.
  • Interact at gaze – This feature lets players move effortlessly using the natural gaze to intuitively interact with objects. Look at an object, press a button and automatically move towards it before picking it up.
  • Clean UI- This feature lets player access UI info only when needed, giving them deeper immersion into the game’s environment. Look and they’ll appear. Look away, they’ll become nearly transparent. The screen is always covered fully in the game’s world, with the vital stats just a glance away. Helps you embrace the game’s environment. Helps players keep track of what you need to –when they need to.
  • Cover at Gaze – This feature lets players find refuge when the heat is on just by gazing across the environment – highlighting places you can hide behind. (Not available on August 23, this feature will be available in an upcoming update.)

Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Tech was quoted as saying “The commitment by Eidos Montréal and Square Enix® to bring eye tracking to the mega Deus Ex franchise is another demonstration of the industry’s belief in the value of eye tracking. We applaud the team at Eidos Montréal for their forward thinking approach and drive to give their gamers more.” on the project.

If taking your augmentation to the next level has piqued your interest, you can pick it up in a special bundle (at $139 plus shipping) that includes the game on PC for free.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will Icarus Dash onto shelves on August 23rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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