Deus Ex Mankind Divided explores the Mechanical Apartheid

No bones about it, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is my most anticipated game of 2016.  Today, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have released a live-action trailer that showcases which of the three endings is canon, and what happened after the events of the first game.   If you’ve not finished the first game, don’t read any further.

In 2027, augmented individuals suffered an extreme psychotic break, causing them to lose control over their own enhanced bodies.  This resulted in the deaths of millions of people, injuring hundreds of thousands, and causing an immediate fear of those possessing mechanical augmentation.  Augmented individuals, or “Augs” are met with fear and derision by those without augmentation (aka “Naturals”), resulting in a horrible backlash.  To curb the violence, a “Human Restoration Act” is passed, rounding up all Augs and throwing them into what amounts to gutted skyrise favellas.  These Aug Ghettos serve as a sort of concentration camp reminiscent of the internment of the Japanese, or German extermination camps — a mechanical apartheid.

This live action trailer (seen above) gives us an emotional look at what that does to families and friends, and how loved ones can be ripped apart by prejudice.  It’s compelling, and the quality is top notch, as you can see for yourself.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will launch on August 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with Collector’s Editions still available for the two console platforms.


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