Destiny Will Be Down for “Several Hours” Today

If you try to get on Destiny today, you’ll likely find the game’s servers are down.

Bungie has confirmed that it will be updating the game today and that players will not be able to play it during this maintenance time. There was no concrete timeframe given as Bungie only confirmed that the down time would last “for several hours.”

In the meantime, here are the areas Bungie is looking to fix.

Client fixes
• Added more data logging for matchmaking systems
• Improved connectivity failure handling to reduce beaver (Kick To Orbit events) KTOs
• Improved logging of player disconnections
• Internal tools fixes to speed up our release process
• Fixes to the roster system to allow us to tune the frequency of roster updates on Xbox One
• Fixed a bug that allowed users to quick scope on some weapons

Server Fixes
• Security fixes
• Server performance improvements
• Fixes to reduce the frequency of some KTOs
• Better logging to help diagnose connectivity problems
• Fixes to some Centipede errors that were exclusive to specific player characters

Destiny Will Be Down for "Several Hours" Today

Recently, Bungie explained its logic behind not including matchmaking for Destiny’s raids, but it has shown some leniency in other areas.

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