Destiny Players Can Migrate Characters Between Generations

While Bungie recently confirmed that Destiny players wouldn’t be able to play against each other if they are on different generations of consoles, the studio has confirmed that the game will have some cross-generation functionality.

In the studio’s weekly update, a user pointed out that characters can be moved between generations. So players who play on PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 can move their characters to PlayStation 4/Xbox One and vice versa. Bungie’s community manager “DeeJ” confirmed this, while also prefacing that a PlayStation character wouldn’t be able to migrate to an Xbox platform.

“Your question points to a very interesting truth about how Destiny will work. As you’ve discovered, as your Guardian evolves it will be able to travel from one generation of console to the next. Just like hopping worlds, you can use the same Guardian on Next Gen and Legacy Gen consoles – so long as you stay in the same system. Ergo, you can move from PlayStation to PlayStation and from Xbox to Xbox, but not across product lines.”

DeeJ says this was done in order to make Destiny more ubiquitous and easy for players to use, regardless of the system they were playing the game on at any given time.

“According to David Shaw, our self-professed Chief Pyrotechnical Officer, this was the plan all along, as we set out to build an adventure that would span generations. ‘Our service is built with flexibility in mind. As a player of Destiny, you have a Bungie account that’s bound to your PSN ID or your Xbox LIVE Gamertag, instead of a specific generation of device.'”

Destiny’s beta began on Thursday for PlayStation players, and will be available to Xbox users on July 23rd.
Destiny Players Can Migrate Characters Between Generations
Bungie recently revealed Destiny’s collector’s editions, one of which contains a replica of the Peter Dinklage voiced Ghost character.

Destiny is slated for release on September 9th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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