Demon’s Souls now live on PSN

If you missed From Software’s original effort in pain, Demon’s Souls is now available on PSN!  Even better, to ease all the newbies into the gameplay by setting the world tendency to Pure White.  What does that mean for you?

Pure White Tendency brings a number of changes to the gameplay.  The online world will be adjusted to an easier difficulty setting, where enemies will have decreased HP, attack power, and defense, while players will inflict more damage when attacking.  Pure White Tendency is a rare occurrence in the game, so this is a great way for newcomers to learn the gameplay and immerse themselves in the world of Demon’s Souls.  Additionally, enemies will drop fewer upgrade stones and more healing items.  New areas and special NPCs will also be open; players just need to know where to find them.

Demon’s Soul’s will run you $19.99 on PSN, and if you never got the chance to play it you might want to think a

bout giving it a chance.


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