Deck your Halls and Play Games for the Holidays – Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update!

Hello! Welcome to 2014’s last Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update! For info on what is going on here, check out this introduction. To get them all in, I had to fit a few more in than usual. There are certainly some great games in this bunch. Too bad you won’t be able to give them as gifts in six days.

Remember that I am in no way endorsing these games, I have not played them, I have not talked to the publishers. Back at your own risk.

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PBL Robots
Apparent Weight: Medium-Light
Genre: Customizable robot battle game, Cards

With card drafting being all the rage on the mean streets of boardgaming, PBL Robots presents an interesting robot construction and battle game. Each player strives to customize their robot in order to damage their opponent. I really like what they are doing with various cards, it looks very different than other drafting games. Go get your robot on now!


[singlepic id=20339]

Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Bidding, Spacial card play, Resource management

At first glance, I did not pay too much attention to Viceroy. It looked like a game trying to be more than a filler with a disproportionately high art budget. Upon further inspection, I realized that Viceroy was much more than I assumed. The game play revolves around bidding on cards to then add them to a pyramid of other cards, where placement is key. I am a converted skeptic. I am now a backer. Part of my sway was watching some of the reviews they have posted.


[singlepic id=20337]

Rum and Bones
Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: MOBA style strategy game, Pirates!, Miniatures!

CoolMiniOrNot is at it again with their 14th tabletop campaign. The latest, Rum and Bones, takes a hint from popular online battle arena style games like League of Legends and DotA pitting two teams against each other in relentless combat. Each team has an endless stream of minions that march forward in a pre-programmed fashion. Overflowing with plastic, if you are even a little interested, this is one ship you want to jump on.


[singlepic id=20338]

Apparent Weight: Medium-Light
Genre: Tile placement, Area Control, Deluxe

What is better than a good game? A good game with super components! Taluva was originally published in 2006 and is being upgraded with bigger and better components. In this game players build up an island using single and multiple hexagon tiles all the while building up their own buildings and towers. Plenty of information can be found on the previous editions. This should be just as good.


[singlepic id=20335]

Pixel Tactics Deluxe
Apparent Weight: Light
Genre: Card battling, Hand Managment, Deluxe

Two this week?! Yes, Pixel Tactics is also getting a revamp with a deluxe version. Our very own, Joseph Pinchback, reviewed Pixel Tactics not too long ago. This game has been well received and lauded for its simplicity and theme. If you have been waiting for all of the editions to be crammed together, now is your chance.


[singlepic id=20340]

BoardGameGeek Card Game
Apparent Weight: Light
Genre: Metagaming, Boardgame collecting

A game about collecting boardgames! Something that is near and dear to a significant swath of hobby gamers. I don’t think this is being made to climb to the top of the ‘Game of the Year’ lists, however its use of current IPs and its nostalgic use of older games is going to speak to a few enthusiasts.


[singlepic id=20336]

Name that Game Posters
Apparent Weight: Super Light
Genre: Game Room Decoration

I know plenty of people who would do well to add some color to their walls. These minimalist posters are just the thing to pay homage to some great games while still being subtly powerful. If I was not married to an artist who uses our walls as her own gallery space, I would be getting all five of these.


If you have KS topics that interest you, let me know @Scooter_TTTD


Thank you all for a great year!
If you celebrate any holidays this time of year, I hope you spend them gaming. Even if you don’t celebrate any holidays, go play some games! I will see you in 2015 with more Kickstarter Updates!

From Trading in the Mediterranean to FPS, I love games. While I grew up in a house without consoles, PC gaming and board gaming were a large part of my formative years, and continue to influence my life. In this golden age of board gaming, I have jumped in headfirst in to anything table top. As a ludilogical student, I love thinking about how games work, their mechanics, their elegance and most importantly, enjoying how fun they are.

Favorite Board Game (at the moment): Twilight Struggle
Favorite PC Game (base solely on play time): Tie between WoW and DII

Fell free to email me: comments, concerns, questions, feedback, rants, and/or suggestions.

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