Death Rides A Little Higher With New Darksiders II Patch

PC players looking to dive into Darksiders II today will be slightly delayed by the arrival of a new 500-meg patch.  The change log doesn’t seem too long at first glance, but having spent a good hour with it just prior to this post, I can confirm that the interface tweaks, subtle aiming fix, and repaired V-Sync toggle are welcome indeed.

Full patch notes ahead:


Vigil has been working hard to research and address each bug report in the forums – thank you for all the input! Update 2 has been released today and should resolve many of the issues you are experiencing.



  • In this Update your key mappings will revert to defaults.
  • Added Key Bindings option to the Pause Menu. (Previous location on the Moves List still there)
  • The V-sync graphics option is now functional.
  • Reaper Form now triggers correctly when using a Keyboard.
  • Video Settings save to the Steam Cloud correctly.
  • You can now sacrifice items below the 3rd row in the Possessed Weapon menu.
  • Target Reticules align properly at all screen resolutions.
  • Addressed crashes in Blackstone, including at the 2nd lever and during the Lilith cut-scene.
  • Various gameplay progression fixes.


As always, thank you for your patience! Our team is working hard to address reports quickly & will keep you updated on the progress

I’ve also noticed a couple fixes that don’t appear on this list: the weird low-res Death who previously inhabited the inventory screens has been reset to the proper detail settings, and the map screen tool tip about how to toggle the overworld view has been corrected.

For more information on Darksiders II, be sure to check out our full review here and find out what the rest of our community is saying in the forums!

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