Dead Space 3 Limited Edition Trailer

Dead Space 3 is super-creepy, but the Dead Space 3 Limited Edition must be even MORE creepy!  (don’t quote me on that logic)   Ok, it’s actually just an announcement of what you get if you pre-order the game.  Here are the goodies:

Pre-order the Dead Space 3 Limited Edition to instantly upgrade your arsenal in the mission defeat the Necromorph plague. The insulated Witness Suit will assist you in exploring Tau Volantis’ harsh terrain, while the Evangelizer is a menacing heavy-duty assault rifle and shotgun combination.

The First Contact Suit is built for long-term space exposure and you’ll also receive the Negotiator, a Tesla-powered “instrument,” perfect for organic tissue dismemberment.

Oh wait!  We have video of these pre-order goodies!  You can check it out below while you wait for the game to hit in Q1 of 2013.  Dead Space 3 will hit on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Europe on February 8th and in the US on February 5th.

Dead Space 3 Limited Edition Gameplay Trailer

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