Dead Rising 4 brings on the crazy at SDCC

Capcom Vancouver is ready to get back to duct taping chainsaws to rowing oars and mowing down zombies, and they are sharing that crazy with San Diego ComicCon showgoers with a behind-the-scene video for Dead Rising 4 called “Return to Willamette.”  Showcasing the Windows 10 and Xbox One time-exclusive, the panel featured Dead Rising 4 Executive Producer Bryce Cochrane, Art Director Geoff Coates, producers from Dead Rising: Endgame, Greg Miller of Kinda Funny Games and surprise special guest Frank West.  There’s a bunch of new footage and the promise of what pre-order goodies will come exclusively to the plethora of retailers as the team preps to head out to gamescom 2016, where fans will get their first hands-on opportunities.

Me?  I’m just looking forward to stacking construction cones on zombie heads again.

Dead Rising 4 is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs on December 6th, 2016, and PlayStation 4 a year later.  It’s good to be green.

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