Day 1 Studios Hints at New Mechassault Game

Day 1 just announced a storm was coming on their website  and posted a teaser video online. In the video we’re shown a damaged building, a statement that they are returning to their roots, and then a mech foot drops in front of the camera.

In case you weren’t aware, back in 2002 the first game that Day 1 Studios  developed was the original xbox title, Mechassault. As the go-to game for Xbox live multiplayer gaming, and its online components were new and exciting. MechAssault moved faster and didn’t bog you down with the mech design and configuration found in the PC based MechWarrior series – it truly was XBL what Halo 1 was to the launch of the xbox.

MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf was also developed by Day 1 studios back in 2004, and while the production values for the FMV and some of the between-gaming segments lagged a bit, the ability to get out of your mech, drive other vehicles, or even hijack an enemy mech changed up the game and really made it feel fresh.

Given that we’re 8 years out since the release of MechAssault 2, and a decade out since the first, it will be a big challenge to build a sequel and bring it up to today’s expectations. No word yet on the game title, setting or even which platforms it will be produced for.

Best of luck, Day 1 – you’ve got some pretty big boots to fill!

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