Darksiders II Trailer Shows Off Nearly Limitless Loot, Skill Trees

In the event that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are unleashed, one question is going to be on everyone’s mind: just what sort of loot are these guys after? And what kind of skills does “Death”  have anyway? Well, wonder no more! The good folks at THQ have released the latest Darksiders II trailer, answering these questions in a straightforward fashion! Here’s the hook for those of you new to this title: “limitless loot”. Let’s check it out!

Just to get you prepped before you click the “play” button on this one, here’s the basic rundown of topics you’ll see covered: “Skill trees, magic, nearly limitless loot” and “fast-paced combat”. If you’re at all like me, you saw “nearly limitless loot” and decided you had to see this. Shameless loot monkey here, and that alone has me interested in this title. Anyway, without further ado… here it is!

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