Darksiders II PC Screenshots

Darksiders II on the PC has effectively no graphics options.  Resolution, V-Sync, and gamma: that’s about it.  Experience suggests the coming days will reveal manual file edits or console commands we can use to force specific features on or off, but pending a hypothetical patch there are very few ways to customize your performance in game.

Luckily, my system runs Darksiders II quite well.  That lead-in image gives you a sense of the fidelity.  It’s every bit as smooth and responsive as a veteran of the original game would expect, but since Death’s melee style seems more inspired by Ryu Hayabusa than by Kratos, there’s a refined sense of speed and fluidity to the slashery that makes a wonderful first impression.

The twenty-seven screenshots found below are candid shots snapped as I played the tutorial level, covering about twenty minutes at the very start of the game.  I can’t imagine anything that early would qualify as a spoiler, but as always, proceed at your own discretion.


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