Darksiders II Cinematic Trailer

In 1958, American audiences came to know the specter of Death as a stoic, unassuming man, draped in a simple black robe, who enjoyed a thoughtful game of chess.  I suppose that with the Black Plague reaping its way through all of Europe in The Seventh Seal, Death simply had no particular place demanding his attention.

The Darksiders franchise, however, is set during the Apocalypse, and as players of the first game learned early on, War was the only Horseman who got his invitation.  Nobody likes to be snubbed like that.  The End of Creation was kind of a big deal for those guys, and as you’ll see from today’s cinematic trailer, being late for an appointment does not put Death in the mood for chess.



Darksiders II is currently scheduled to arrive on the 360, PS3, and PC in mid-August, with another version due for the Wii U later in the year.

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