DARK gets a new skills trailer


We are getting pretty close to the release date for Dark, the vampire-themed stealth/action title from Kalipso and RealmForge Studios.  In anticipation of that, we’ve got a video showing off some of the skills and powers you’ll have at your fingertips.  here’s a nibble:

In the new trailer, you’ll get a close-up look at several of the vampire powers available to you, as the newly turned vampire, Eric Bane. Watch as Eric hypnotizes unsuspecting guards to slip past them or deliver a deadly strike. Or, use Regeneration to convert the blood of your enemies to health points! Watch the new video to learn more about these and other stealth-focused powers featured in DARK, which Kalypso Media will release this summer on Xbox 360 and PC.

You can also check out my in-depth coverage where I show you the game in action, including the first level called “The Museum”.  You can check that out at this link.  Stay tuned – I have a feeling we’ll see this one slip into a formal release date very shortly…

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