Daggerdale Arrives on Steam

Do you have $14.99 that you absolutely need to be rid of as quickly as possible?  Perhaps you’re engaged in a gambit straight out of Brewster’s Millions, requiring you to spend as much money as possible without retaining anything of value by the time you’re finished?  Well, assuming you’re not hungry and can’t make it to a theater to see Green Lantern, Bedlam Games and Atari have your back.

The original standard for fantasy roleplaying is taking another step in its storied pop culture history as the Dalelands of the Forgotten Realms is brought to life for gamers and fantasy enthusiasts across the world.  Atari, one of the worlds’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment and Bedlam Games announced today the release of the highly anticipated Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Windows PC Download.

Daggerdale, the action-RPG best known for exposing the limits of Microsoft’s Xbox Live certification process, is now available on Steam.  This cooperative hack-and-slash allows you and up to three of your friends to join forces on an adventure filled with crippling technical issues such as invisible enemies, random disconnects, and non-functional abilities.  Do you have what it takes to save Daggerdale, even after all your skill points are inexplicably deleted?  Can you defeat terrifying boss monsters that only exist for some players?  Are you perseverant enough to handle an interface that randomly reshuffles every item in your inventory every time you sell something?

A quick perusal of the Atari tech support forums suggests that a patch has already been released for the Steam version of Daggerdale.  Versions for the PC retail and Xbox Live versions are said to be coming “soon,” though no specific patch notes are currently available.  Atari’s post-release support for Neverwinter Nights 2 was exemplary, working with the developers at Obsidian to put out major content and performance fixes for months after its release.  I can only hope we’ll be able to say the same thing about Daggerdale some day.

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