Crystal Dynamics Further Clarifies Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Xbox ‘Exclusivity’

You’re probably tired of hearing about the Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity/non-exclusivity situation, but Crystal Dynamics has finally given some explicit clarification on the situation.

If you’re not caught up, at Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference, Crystal Dynamics spoke in a away that implied that the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider would be an Xbox exclusive. After plenty of outrage from PC and PlayStation fans, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that the deal with Crystal Dynamics that would make the game an Xbox exclusive had a “duration.”

Now, through a post on the official Tomb Raider Tumblr page, Crystal Dynamics has finally shed light on just what the situation is regarding Lara Croft’s next adventure.

Through a FAQ about Rise of the Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics answered 5 questions about where the game will or won’t be going. The second question in the FAQ asks whether or not fans can expect a PC or PlayStation version of the game, and the developer responded with “…our deal with Microsoft has a duration. We aren’t discussing details of the deal, and are focused on delivering a great game on Xbox One and Xbox 360.”

This is the first time Crystal Dynamics has plainly stated that the Xbox version won’t be the only version of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Regarding the confusing PR speak that’s surrounded this game since Gamescom, the studio said that it “certainly didn’t intend to cause any confusion with the announcement. The Microsoft Gamescom stage was a great place to make the initial announcement, but not necessarily to go into details.”

Rise of the Tomb Raider is coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 next year, but when it will eventually come to PC or PlayStation is not currently clear, not even to Sony.

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