Crysis 3 gameplay trailer showcases environments amazing graphics

Crytek has a reputation for creating shooters with glorious visuals, and Crysis 3 is looking like it has plans to continue that trend. EA released a 5 minute video showcasing game footage from the upcoming shooter, and based on the press release, EA seems particularly proud of the varied environment:

As Prophet and Michael “Psycho” Sykes traverse the lush fields of an MTA west side storage yard the foreboding visage of an abandoned Pinger gives way to a massive firefight showing the alien weaponry you must harness to turn the tide against the CELL Corporation. Swamp-like tunnels below the city then open up to reveal tactical vertical battlegrounds perfect for the adaptive warfare that the Crysis franchise is acclaimed for.

As you’d expect from a Crytek game, the graphics are fantastic.  Simply put, the game looks amazing.  Sunlight streams between buildings, bullets spark off of metal surfaces, you even see dirt smudges on the camera lens.  When you check out the video below, make sure to turn the resolution up to 1080p and watch in full screen.


The Fields: Crysis 3 Single Player Gameplay Preview

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