CryENGINE3 to Power Tour Golf Online

CryENGINE3 has been selected to provide the graphics power for upcoming golf game Tour Golf Online. Intended to be part of the GamesCampus game portal, the developers hope that CryENGINE3 will… well, hey, let’s let the press release speak for itself on this one:

“It was important to utilize the amazing CryENGINE3 technology in the
development of Tour Golf Online because our goal with the game was to
take the online golf experience to a whole new level with superior
graphics and gameplay that offer the player a feeling of almost
physically being right there on the green,” said Kevin Kim, CEO of  “Our talented development team has done an amazing
job building training areas that have been painstakingly recreated
from the real-world courses where the pros practice during
tournaments, along with life-like climates and weather, state of the
art gear and more, we are proud to add this amazing title to the
GamesCampus portal.”

Life-like climates and weather? CryENGINE3 certainly should be capable of that and then some. I know these engines tend to be used for more than first-person shooters (obviously), but I still can’t help but imagine this game featuring “realistic ragdoll physics”. Clonk a fellow golfer in the head with a 200 yard drive and watch as his body collapses lifelessly into a sand trap, the entire grisly event rendered in painstaking detail. Somehow, I doubt this feature will make it in – but hey, the greens should look super-manicured!

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