Crimson Alliance Gets Vengeance October 12

Crimson Alliance earned an impressive 85 here at GamingTrend, so we couldn’t be happier to report that the action game will be extending its life through new DLC levels…and soon!

 The Expansion pack contains new campaign levels pitting players in a race against time to hunt down and destroy two dangerous new threats. Also included is a new Challenge Map called “Fistful of Coins,” which allows users to test their skill against an increasingly deadly onslaught of enemies, with mountains of gold at stake. New loot, new enemies, and new challenges await in the first downloadable content expansion pack for Crimson Alliance!

Okay, so some new characters would always be welcome, but for a measly 240 Microsoft Points we aren’t complaining.  The Vengeance DLC pack will be available for purchase through Crimson Alliance’s main menu starting October 12th.

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