Couch co-op game Astro Bears Party announced for Nintendo Switch

Announced in a Reddit post earlier today, Qubicgames revealed that it will release its upcoming Switch exclusive game Astro Bears Party on the eShop soon. The couch co-op game will be officially shown at this year’s Gamescom conference.

Astro Bears Party has 2-4 players duking it out in space. According to the post:

[The] game’s core is running around planet, while leaving Magical Beary Ribbon behind and avoiding those ribbons by jumping or using jetpack. After a couple minutes, though, it’s all about reading your opponent’s moves and trying to hurt them. Different bears have different stats, which leads to different playstyles and tactics against them.

The developer has also released a trailer for the game, which highlights the bears and their different stats. It looks like it’s shaping to be a pretty neat party experience the likes of Overcooked or Rocket Fist. (Plus those bears are adorable.) Announced on the European eShop for a future release, an American release is yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more indie news on Gaming Trend.

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