CoolMiniOrNot updates its logo

A logo can make a brand recognizable.  From car companies to video game publishers, the logo defines the brand.  One of the noticeable changes at Gen Con 2016 was the new logo used by CoolMiniOrNot.  They sent out an announcement for it to highlight the change.

Over the last few months, the team of graphic designers at CoolMiniOrNot has worked on capturing the essence of our company and its board game brand in a new logo. The existing paint brush logo our fans recognize and love represents well our passion and dedication to the miniatures world. This classic logo has been with us from the beginning of, which started as and remains a community website where miniature hobbyists can vote on each other’s work. The logo symbolizes the accuracy, quality, detail and functionality we strive to achieve with our miniatures lines. As our catalog grows and diversifies with more board games, we identified a need to create new branding for the company’s next step.

We wanted to make sure the new branding of CoolMiniOrNot and our forthcoming releases reflects our focus on the quality board games we bring to market. The playful acronym CMON, alluding to the expression ‘come on,’ is an open invitation for gamers to discover our amazing catalog of games. Some of these new titles will still include high-quality miniatures as a game component, but many of them will be a bold new direction for us. The icon of our new CMON brand, which will also become our new company logo, reflects the playfulness we strive to bring to gamers’ lives by using game components to create the ‘C’ and ‘N’ of the new logo. Finally, for both logos to coexist harmoniously, we have maintained the same color dynamic as our initial, signature paintbrush.

We hope gamers will embrace this new company logo as we start using it on our new website and social media accounts – including Facebook, Twitter andInstagram – today and board game packaging this Fall!

You can get a look at the full logo below.  It’s simple but effective.

cmon new logo

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