Conquest of Kumanjaro expansion announced for Mage Wars

Mage Wars Box Art

Mage Wars is an excellent strategy game for two players.  While it comes with four different mages in the original box and two extra mages in the expansion, Arcane Wonders is changing things up with their newly announced expansion Conquest of Kumanjaro.  The new Spell Tome expansion includes two alternate mages for the Priest and Beastmaster.

The Johktari Beastmaster is a fierce and proud hunter, defending her people’s lands against invaders. She is a skilled archer and has the Ranged +1 trait for all of her non-spell ranged attacks. She can also sprint quickly across the vast savannahs, running swift as a Cheetah using her Sprinting ability which gives this Mage the Fast trait. If these Abilities weren’t deadly enough, the Johktari Beastmaster can use her Wounded Prey ability to mark and relentlessly pursue wounded prey, working with her animals to finish it off.

The Priest of Malakai is a crusader against non-believers. He seeks justice and relentlessly pursues enemies with Holy retribution. The Priest is blessed with the burning light of Malakai, and his basic melee attack deals light damage. In addition, once per round, if the Priest attacks and damages an enemy creature with any attack which deals light damage, the creature may burst into flame via Malakai’s Fire. To round out the divine might of this Mage is his Holy Avenger ability. When a friendly non-Legendary Holy creature comes into play, you may make it your Holy Avenger. The Holy Avenger is blessed with divine strength and it gains +5 Life.

Arcane Wonders has made a great game, and this expansion should be no different.  Be sure to check this out on June 12th or at Origins.

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