Conan RPG Unlocks d20 PDF Bundle & All The Books In Print!

Modiphius Entertainment’s Conan RPG is set to finish its Kickstarter in the next few days. As it nears its close, Modiphius announces some surprising stretch goals for interested fans. The content just unlocked promises great longevity for past fans and fantastic possibilities for new ones.


Modiphius just revealed a surprise £300k Stretch Goal for it’s Conan Roleplaying Game Kickstarter, which unlocked a full set of the d20 Conan PDF’s plus a d20 to 2d20 conversion guide.

So now you can get TWO whole RPG lines in PDF for just £40 for the PDF Master Pledge!

In addition yesterday we blew people away by unlocking Every Book in Print for 2 Years for the big £300 and £600 pledges. Read more below.

So far we have unlocked 12 beautiful full colour hardcover books for Robert E. Howard’s Conan Roleplaying Game – Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of with many more planned. There’s cross-over’s with Kull of Atlantis, Funcom’s Age of Conan and Conan Exiles (with community building rules from the award winning Mutant: Year Zero team) plus a supplement for the Conan Board Game by Monolith which features new board game scenarios and an RPG adventure.
Having smashed the £300,000 Kickstarter level, Mōdiphiüs wants to thank our backers. To that end, we are presenting not only a Free Conversion Guide that helps you port over d20 to 2d20 but, even more, courtesy of Conan Properties, all backers with pledges including ‘Every Unlocked Book In PDF’ (like the PDF Master, Print & PDF Master or PDF Subscription Pledges and above) now get a bonus PDF set including all the Conan d20 PDFs!

The Hoard of Yezidigerd, Secrets of Mount Yishma and Treasure of Tranicos Pledges now include the Print Subscription – that’s all the books IN PRINT for the Conan line we release for 2 years from the date we ship the core book! Now as each book is unlocked it’s moved in to the Kickstarter shipping waves.
This means the £300 Hoard of Yezdigerd is now worth £700, the £600  Secrets of Mount Yishma £1075 and £950 Treasure of Tranicos £1515!

Finally we unlocked a surprise bonus when we hit our 3000 Backers – with support for Roll20!

You can take the chance to check out this Kickstarter while it lasts or head over to Modiphius’ page for more information on the Conan RPG or the 2d20 system.

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