Compete to build the best Dinosaur Park, DinoGenics now on Kickstarter

Table top fans that dreamed of one day running their own dinosaur theme park will soon have their prayers answered with DinoGenics, a board where your goal is to build the most successful (and profitable) dinosaur park.

In DinoGenics, each player controls a multi-billion dollar corporation with access to their private island park. Over seven seasons consisting of an open season and upkeep phase, these players will send workers to the mainland to collect resources such as fences and DNA in the hopes of improving their park.

As players improve their park, they will have the option to build dangerous dinosaurs to increase their reputation with visitors each season, but if a player builds too quickly, the maintained dinosaurs could escape and damage that reputation. Players can choose to exploit the Black Market or run an honest park, using whatever tools they feel like using to increase their park’s popularity, even if it includes DNA splicing mutant dinosaurs.

DinoGenics has started its campaign recently on Kickstarter with an estimated release date of November of 2018. In 24 hours, it has already reached its goal, but anymore funds will be put into making it an even better dinosaur park board game experience (not to mention the fact that the game’s creator is a long-time member of our community!). For updates on the development of DinoGenics, visit the official Facebook page.

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