Company of Heroes 2 gets Langreskaya map from COH1


Company of Heroes was pretty insanely popular, and the sequel looks like it strikes many of the same chords.   One of the most popular maps in Company of Heroes, Langreskaya, is thankfully coming to Company of Heroes 2.  What’s the price?  Free.  When can you have it?  Today.  Can you see it now?  In the trailer below, yes you can!
Just how popular was Langreskaya?  Try 3.2 million matches and 1.2 million hours battling for control of this unassuming rural location.  The awesome part is that it has also been updated to take advantage of the incredible upgrades to the engine in Company of Heroes 2, featuring a summer and winter variation.   Did you miss out on our review of Company of Heroes 2?  Here’s a nibble from our review:

At this point, I’m running out of superlatives, so it’s probably time to start wrapping up this review–but really, what is there to say? The only flaws I can find in Company of Heroes 2 are nit-picks of the lowest order. Relic has taken one of the greatest strategy games of the last 10 years and given it a brilliant new coat of paint while subtly refining the rock-solid mechanics and gameplay. What more could you ever ask of a sequel?

Seriously.  Buy this game.  Now.


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