Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances has 1 Million Players

“I am Kane. While I bring your troops back from the States, I want you to take what men you have left and secure this abandoned GDI base. Once in, build up an arsenal of weapons and use them to wipe out the remaining GDI presence.  Oh…and congratulations on your recent promotion.”

With those words, millions of people became absolutely and completely hooked to the Command & Conquer franchise.  Several titles and a few spin-offs later (I still have my badge for being an official alpha and beta tester for C&C: Sole Survivor) we see Command & Conquer taking over a whole new space – browser based games.  To celebrate their 1 millionth customer, EA is giving away a handful of starter packs that includes a bunch of cool bumps in tech for new players.   Want to win?  That’s easy – click the Press Release button and grab the code below!

As I said, the game is completely free to play, so check it out for yourself at the official site –

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