Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga with Conga Master Party on Switch this month

Rising Star Games announced today that it will bring the party-poppin’, jaw-droppin’ game Conga Master Party to the Nintendo Switch on September 28. The game features hordes of partygoers who want to dance, and up to four players can compete to make huge conga lines.

Conga Master Party sees up to four players each controlling their chosen party-goer in his or her quest to create the most epic conga line ever. Travelling through different nightclub locales during a night to remember, players dance up close and personal to fellow party people to entice them into their conga line. Longer congas let you add people faster but watch out for stinky pigs stinking up your line!

In addition to taking advantage of the portability of the Switch, Conga Master Party will also support Amiibo, with a variety of figures unlocking different costumes for players. There will also be two new stages and ten new playable characters included just for the Switch version. Two new multiplayer modes, 1, 2, Conga and Just Conga, will also take advantage of the Joy-Con controllers. (And just for that 1, 2 Switch reference, here’s another Karen picture for you.)

You were expecting a screenshot, but IT WAS ME, KAREN!

Conga Master Party will be released September 28 for the Nintendo Switch. If you wanna dance, look up at the trailer, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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