Combat explained in Fight for Rome trailer

There have been a number of sources cutting down the upcoming Roman story of vengeance, as missing fun and excitement. That said, it looks like not all people agree, and this might just be one of those titles where its critics are polarized. In a lot of ways the video we’ve just picked up off the MS news wire shows the game that we played at E3, with some differences such as having a coloured aura on enemies rather than the button image hovering over your opponent.

We’ve not had hands on it for some time, and are very much looking forward to getting some good quality time both in the single-and-multiplayer engagements to draw our own conclusions. In the meantime, if you aren’t the least bit squeamish, the video above describes the combat with a breakdown of how it all comes together.

One thing is for certain – button mashing will not get you those big 100+ combos, and if you’re not up for the visceral business of hacking limbs and close-up fighting you just might want to look away. We’d like to thank the GT community over in the forums for the lively discussions and providing links – feel free to head over to the Ryse thread if you want join in.

Ryse: Son of Rome will be available as a launch title exclusively on the Xbox One, and is rated M for Mature.

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