Collapse: Devastated World Coming to US in 2012

Like action games with destructible environments? Swords? Guns? Aliens? Things going boom? Look no further than this trailer for Collapse. From Ukranian developer Croteam, Collapse has been released in Europe but US gamers will finally get their shot early next year.

Collapse: Devastated World takes place in 2096 in the center of Europe, 83 years after a mysterious catastrophe takes place, bringing monsters, paranormal activities and elite military troops into the once-normal but, now-destroyed, world. As players journey through the often inexplicable, post-apocalyptic world, they will encounter non-stop action and thrilling melee and long-range combat as the rich storyline unfolds and they begin to learn what caused the horrific catastrophe, and what it will take to save human kind.



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