Co-op is king with three eShop Switch games out tomorrow

If you’re looking to get some more games to play with friends for your shiny new Switch before Splatoon 2 comes out in a couple of weeks, you should definitely check out tomorrow’s eShop selection. De Mambo, Death Squared, and I and Me will brace the console tomorrow.

Coming off the likes of Bomberman and Runbow (as well as its main inspiration, Super Smash Bros), The Dangerous Kitchen will release its action game De Mambo tomorrow. This local multiplayer game invites up to four players to knock each other out using only a d-pad and one button, which segues into three different attacks depending on how long the button is pressed. The game oozes pixelated charm in 25 multiplayer levels, but single players can try their hand at over 70 challenges as well as a survival mode (which can be played with four players). De Mambo will retail at $12.99.

For those looking for a more cerebral experience, SMG Studio’s Death Squared will provide the thrill of robotic puzzlers. Two cubes must work together in order to survive a gauntlet of 80 levels, each with traps and bottomless pits galore. For added fun, a party mode with 40 levels for up to four players is included, with additional levels for both modes unlocked after completing all the levels. Check out our review of the game here. Death Squared will retail at $14.99.

While not strictly multiplayer, I and Me introduces an element of single-player co-op puzzle mechanics. “If there were another me, observing myself from the perspective of a spectator, how would I regard another me? How would I get along with the other me?” are the main questions the game asks. Players will have to traverse 90 levels within four worlds to answer them, with each world representing one of the four seasons. I and Me will retail at $9.99.

Are you going to purchase anything from the Nintendo eShop tomorrow? Let us know down in the comments, and check out trailer for De Mambo above. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

Elisha Deogracias is an aspiring accountant by day, freelance writer by night. Before writing for Gaming Trend, he had a small gig on the now defunct Examiner. When not being a third wheel with his best friends on dates or yearning for some closure on Pushing Daisies, he's busy catching up on shonen manga and wacky rhythm games. Mains R.O.B. in Smash. Still doesn't know if he's a kid or a squid.

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