CMON responds to printing errors in Massive Darkness

Anticipation for CMON’s dungeon crawler Massive Darkness is high.  After some delays, those who funded the Kickstarter are getting their packages.  However, an issue has come up with some of the cards.  CMON has responded to the printing errors.

Today, July 29th, CMON Limited announced it is currently working to rectify misprint issues with cards from the Massive Darkness line that has recently begun shipping to Kickstarter backers.

In the past week, Backers began receiving pledge packages from the Massive Darkness Kickstarter campaign; however, it quickly came to CMON’s attention that printing errors are present in certain cards from the core game and its expansions, making them difficult to read and use in play. After investigation, CMON determined the cards are misprints resulting from an issue at the printing facility.

Currently, CMON is working as quickly as possible to produce Replacement Card Packs. Backers will be shipped a Replacement Card Pack that includes all affected cards. There is no estimate at this time for the replacements, but CMON is moving quickly to ensure supporters are adventuring in the world of Massive Darkness as soon as possible.

In the meantime, CMON has provided links to PDF versions of the replacement cards:

At this time, CMON asks backers to not contact Customer Service about the Replacement Card Packs. Every backer will atomically be provided with the packs when they are ready.

For Retail Backers, CMON will have an update in the coming days.

To learn more about the issue, including a detailed list of the affected cards, please visit this link: CMON will continue to update that story as more information becomes available.

Board games don’t allow for online patches, so issues like this can cause larger problems.  It looks like CMON has done what they can to rectify the issue, but it might be a while before those who got the game have the correct cards.

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