CMON Play to feature CMON’s board game library in retail stores

CMON Limited announced yesterday its new retail program CMON Play, exclusive to brick and mortar stores in North America. The program aims to promote retail gaming stores through exclusive content offered only through the program.

“Throughout the creation of the CMON Play program, retailers, their stores, and their customers have been front-and-center in our minds. They are the cornerstone to our industry, and CMON Play give us a chance to connect with them and support them in exciting, new ways,” Said Ruby Nikolopoulou, CMON’s Marketing Director.

Any physical retailer can apply for CMON Play free of charge through its website, which will allow for features like Game Night Kits, which include popular CMON titles like Zombicide: Black Plague and Bloodborne: The Card Game. Beginning with Zombicide: Black Plague in June, each bimonthly kit will come with exclusive content never before available.

Additionally, participating stores can sign up to order pre-release kits of high-profile games earlier than other outlets, as well as order demo copies of CMON’s core games at a discount. Finally, CMON Play will offer Kickstarter Retail Pledges for titles like Rising Sun.

Stores can order from any of the CMON Play partner distributors, including Alliance, ACDD, Southern Hobby, PHD, and GTS, or CMON directly. Members can choose to order from any distributor or CMON at any time, so they are not locked into just one. Interested parties can go to CMON’s website to learn more details. Stay tuned for more news on Gaming Trend.

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