Change? It’s in Bungie’s destiny – Destiny 2 December update news

Today, in lieu of another stream highlighting their upcoming DLC, Curse of Osiris, Bungie released a blog post detailing their December Updates (December 5th and 12th) to Destiny 2, as well as details about future updates. The confirmed updates coming to Destiny 2 overhaul the endgame reward system and economy, hopefully to the hardcore community’s delight. Directly from the blog post:

There are four key areas we’re targeting for improvements in December. Some of these updates will arrive with the December 5 update, and some additional updates will be included in a patch that will be deployed the following week on December 12.

Both updates combined include improvements set against the following goals: Deepen Rewards for advanced players, Provide More Player Control over obtaining rewards, Make Shards Useful by adding things to use them for, (and) Provide General Quality fixes wherever possible.

Among some of the changes coming to Destiny 2 with Curse of Osiris include:

  • Masterwork Legendary Weapons, a new tier for Legendary Weapons with kill-tracker and random perks, and methods to grind them or upgrade to them. Perks include things like Improved Reload Speed for that specific Masterwork Weapon, as previewed with Uriel’s Gift.
  • Armor Ornaments, permanently unlockable across the account like Exotic Ornaments, by completing related challenges are available for Vanguard, Crucible, Trials, Iron Banner, Faction, and Leviathan armor.
  • Purchasable Legendary items from vendors with Legendary Shards, such as Crucible armor from Lord Shaxx. All five Armor Slots will always be present, and Weapons will rotate weekly on Factions that have them.
  • Xur will offer a “Fated Engram” every week for 97 Legendary Shards, with a guaranteed new Exotic for the player. Xur will also offer a 4-hour buff that increases the chance of finding an Exotic Engram.
  • Banshee will offer a selection of Legendary Mods, rotating daily, for a cost of Legendary Shards and Mod Components. Rare quality Mods will dismantle into Gunsmith Materials and occasionally Mod Components.
  • Consumables purchasable from Zavala and Shaxx will grant bonus rewards for everybody in your next Strike or Crucble match, respectively, including up to a chance of Exotics for everyone in the match.
  • Relax exploit safeguards on Chest and Resource Nodes in Public Sectors, letting players hunt them better.
  • Cayde-6 Treasure Chests, still variable in rewards, will now guarantee (at minimum) a payout of destination appropriate Reputation Tokens.

This seems to be a loud and clear response to many fans’ criticism of Destiny 2’s endgame content, and there’s excitement about the direction Bungie is heading.

Travis is our resident Destiny 2 grinder here at Gaming Trend, so check out his review here, as well as him schooling other outlets with the Curse of Osiris expansion here. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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