Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 & Mirror of Fate On The Way

I did not finish Castlevania: Lords of Shadow because I was sort of terrible at it, but I’m getting the sense that things didn’t arrive at a happy denouement for my man Gabriel.  Obviously, as a reboot of franchise’s timeline, I wouldn’t have expected his quest to end with the world showered in eternal divine light, but for a holy knight this guy has developed some seriously strange hobbies since the last time I got him mauled to death.

No matter what the cause, Konami has not one, but two direct sequels on the way: a 3DS-exclusive titled Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate which will pick up the storyline some 25-years later, and the more conventionally named Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 to pick up things up from there.  Take a peek at what the developers have planned for the portable game:

• Discover the history of your bloodline -­‐ Play as multiple characters throughout history, as you battle your ancestor Dracula, each time learning more about your history and why the Belmont clan must atone for the sins of their forebear. Dare you tempt fate?

• Choose your character – Multiple characters to enjoy, each with unique abilities and skills across different eras. Take control of the legendary Trevor and Simon Belmont and more, as you battle Dracula and his evil minions.

Mirror of Fate is set to arrive sometime later this year so we’ve got a bunch of screenshots below, but Lords of Shadow 2 is so freshly announced that all Konami has for us so far is a series of high resolution from the reveal trailer.  So we figured, what the heck, and collected them all right here to make things as easy as possible!



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