Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion arriving for 3DS

Need a new title for your fancy new 3DS? The day is saved, thanks to Papaya Studios, who hit stores with their new brawler, the first for Cartoon Network.

The game contains an original story line designed by Cartoon Network writers where players compete in either Battle or Story Mode as one of 18 different characters from 11 current and classic Cartoon Network shows.  Gamers will be challenged to unleash special attacks, discover hidden objects and take on devious bosses in 32 levels of action-packed adventure that take place in 21 unique combat arenas. The game also supports up to four-player wireless connectivity as well as game-sharing levels that allows for game-play with other 3DS users who do not have the game.

Punch Time Explosion arrives in stores on June 7, so go grab a copy before Mojo makes a monkey out of you.

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