Cars joins Disney’s Infinity line-up

Lightning McQueen

Disney Interactive just announced the fourth playset for their upcoming Disney Infinity – Cars. What’s a play set, you may ask? Well,  is an expansion to the Disney Infinity game, where you gain access to the world of Radiator Springs, and all the gaming that’s fit for wheels as  Lightning, Holly, Mater and Francesco are preparing to host an international racing event. They join the previously announced Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters University and the Incredibles playable characters in this new virtual gaming world.

Want more? Check out the highlights and screenshots after the break:

Racing and Customization: players will be able to race through town on full sized tracks and pull off gravity defying feats in a stunt park.   Additionally, players can customize the town, exploring the outskirts of the city and towing all types of vehicles to make way for tourists.

Play Set: The Cars play set adds driving/racing play mechanics and track pieces to the Toy Box allowing players to create all-new racing challenges, build and customize tracks and much more.

Toy Box mode: Lightning, Mater, Holley and Francesco are able to interact with all of the previously revealed characters from The Incredibles, Monsters University and Pirates of the Caribbean in a play area you build.

The exciting part, I think, is that while a game like Skylanders already uses toy figurines to access characters, the Disney franchises available are vast and varied, meaning that with each “play set” the games and challenges can be entirely different and use characters that we’ve grown attached to through movies and TV. I’ll be honest with you – I might use my son as an excuse for this one – but mark my words, if Dr. Doofenschmirtz is a playable character he’ll be all mine!

Stay tuned as we approach the June 2013 launch.

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