Capcom to Release Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on iOS

I love the Phoenix Wright games. They’re incredibly well written and funny adventures that pit you as the titular lawyer, trying to defend your clients in the most oddball cases this side of Judge Judy. Every cry of ” Objection!” makes me giddy inside, and every crazy plot twist makes me mash the buttons so I can read more. So you could imagine my surprise to hear that Capcom is bringing the first three games to iOS platforms this fall. While the first game is technically already available on iPhone, Capcom is handling this release similar to their iOS port of Ghost Trick, which allows players to purchase the games individually, or as a bundle for all iOS devices.

Capcom has ruled that court is back in session with the announcement of Phoenix Wright™: Ace Attorney™ Trilogy HD for iOS devices. Re-created in beautiful HD, this compilation features the first three games in the popular Ace Attorney series: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations.

The games follow the unforgettable career of eccentric defense attorney Phoenix Wright as he must prove his seemingly guilty client’s innocence, no matter how dire the circumstances. Each of the three games include all gameplay content originally enjoyed in the Nintendo DS versions with re-mastered HD graphics as well as responsive on-screen controls fine-tuned for the iOS platform allowing for easy navigation using simple swipe commands.

Also included is an “Everybody Objects”‘ mode, which allows animated images with captions to be sent via Twitter or email. It’s a goofy addition that I’m sure my friends will love after the 30th time I’ve sent them stuff. No word yet if the other games in the series will be made available, but if this does well, hopefully they’ll release the others as well. Considering that these games are a bit hard to find on the used market, this one is a must buy for me. Look for it on all iOS 5 capable devices this fall, with the first two chapters of Ace Attorney available to all users free as a demo. Check out the screens below for a preview of the new high-definition visuals.

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