Capcom Lists its Six “Powerful” Franchises

Capcom Lists its Six “Powerful” Franchises

Capcom has described what the company considers to be its “powerful” franchises in a document called “Business Divisional Strategies and Projections”

The six franchises in question do not appear to directly correlate with the company’s overall best selling franchises, as series such as Mega Man, which has sold over 30 million units, has been omitted from the list.

Resident Evil – 61 million units.
Street Fighter – 35 million units.
Monster Hunter – 28 million units.
Devil May Cry – 13 million units
Dead Rising – 7.5 million units.
Lost Planet 5.6 million units.

Capcom Lists its Six "Powerful" Franchises

The company also points out that it plans to “establish new sources of growth” by releasing new games and content such as PS4 exclusive Deep Down as opposed to “relying solely on [Capcom’s] major game titles” such as the “powerful” franchises it listed.

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