Capcom Investing in Development of New IP

Capcom has revealed that it is making the development of new IP a “priority.”

As part of a post-earnings Q&A, the developer revealed that it would be dedicating a fifth of its investments into the creation of original properties.

“Creating new intellectual property is one of our priorities,” Capcom said. “We allocate about 20 percent of our investments each fiscal year to intellectual property and are constantly working on developing new property.”

The company revealed that it’s not looking to find the next huge franchise in its catalog in the immediate future, but plans to create new properties that it will continue to iterate on until the game’s become successful after integrated feedback.

“Producing an immediate hit from new intellectual property is not our objective,” the company added. “We want to build up this property in stages while incorporating the feedback and wishes of users.”

Capcom Investing in Development of New IP

Capcom recently stated it wouldn’t be developing sequels to games that sold less than 2 million copies, but if it intends to iterate on new IP until they become successful, this may no longer be the case.

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