Capcom confirms how content will roll out for Street Fighter V’s first months

Capcom is laying out its plan for content and character updates for Street Fighter V.

A post on the Capcom Unity blog charts out how characters and updates will be rolling out after the game launches next week, starting with Alex as DLC in March. Also planned for the March update is the addition of challenges and trial modes, improvements to the game’s matchmaking system, and the ability to buy new content in the in-game shop.

DLC characters will be rolling out monthly after Street Fighter V is released, with a one-month break being taken during June, when the Cinematic Story Mode is made available as a free download.

Here’s the full chart from Capcom Unity:

Alongside revealing its plans for post-launch content, Capcom has also released new images and artwork of the game’s Story Mode costumes, all of which will be unlocked by completing each character’s individual story mode. These costumes are from a time before Street Fighter V proper, meaning that each character dons a different look than the one seen in their default costumes.

Street Fighter V is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 on February 16th.

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